Caroline Wierzejska

Caroline Wierzejska

Senior Innovation Consultant

Caroline is passionate about the power of innovation, storytelling and collective action to tackle complex issues affecting people. She has a wide range of professional experience in the impact sector and brings a human centred lens to her work.

Caroline has a particular interest in innovations and initiatives aimed at re-energising democracy and empowering people to shape their reality through civic engagement.

At Innovation Unit, Caroline is currently focusing on work in the mental health space. She recently led a piece of research investigating how the mental health system responded to Covid-19 and what this might mean for the future. She is currently leading a study to learn about the impact on the pandemic on the experiences and the wellbeing of young people in Lambeth. She is also working on the Living Well programme to capture the project’s impact on service users, professionals, organisations and the wider system. Previously, Caroline supported the DfE Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme. On a separate project, Caroline worked to help Hounslow Integrated Care Partnership progress towards a collaborative health and social care provision.

Caroline has a diverse set of work experience across the impact sector ranging from developing and scaling a digital employment platform within Accenture`s corporate social responsibility division, through raising capital for social entrepreneurs within an impact investment bank to developing operating models and strategies for international development charities and UK public services. She holds a degree in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from the University of Cambridge.

Outside of work, Caroline can often be found dog walking, cultivating community through her book club and enjoying a good cup of tea.