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Creating impact
Reducing inequalities
Transforming systems

We are Innovation Unit. We grow and scale the boldest and best innovations that deliver long-term impact for people, address persistent inequalities, and transform the systems that surround them.

We work hard to navigate the cultures we work on. We adapt our own practices to the cultures of the places we work, seeking to enhance the power of those who understand their context the best.

How we can help you

How we work

and adapt

We help local systems to adopt and adapt innovations that have been successful elsewhere, by helping them understand where fidelity is essential, and where things need to flex to fit a new context.

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We help local, place-based systems improve outcomes and reduce inequality, by developing a shared vision for change, designing and testing new solutions, and mobilising a local alliance that can deliver change long after we have gone.

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We design and deliver innovation programmes that develop new ideas, test and evaluate promising innovations, and spread and scale the most successful.

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Learning partnerships
and programmes

We play the role of learning partner: helping organisations and systems learn from practice, research evidence and lived experience. We run formative evaluations and deliver learning programmes that connect and share learning between innovators and adopters.

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